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Arcane Lore

The sign outside reads "Arcane Lore". Whatever language the reader is familiar with, that is the language in which it is written. It is a roundish sign with a scroll and wizard hat behind the slightly glowing letters.

The shop is the sort that reeks of age and mystery. With shelves so close together that a person can barely walk between them, the shop is the only place to find some of the more occult items that can be found no place else — not even the very well stocked General store. Come in looking for something specific, and you will find it within moments. Come in wandering with a heart to kill time and simply investigate, and you may end up lost within the labyrinthine aisles and shelves and cases.

Along one wall stand tall, regal shelves full of books and scrolls. Each unique in its own way, there never seems to be two of a kind at any given moment within the store. Tomes of healing, books of spells, and historical scrolls all mingle in a strange haphazard manner. Another wall contains ingredients that are not for the faint of heart or ill-educated. Other aisles contain potions and tonics. Another area is dedicated to enchanted staves and wands.

If you wish some assistance, Old Man will likely find you before you are fully aware you need him. He is a tall, lanky man. His white hair stands out in a wild mess on his head contributing to his wild look. The glint in his eye does nothing to assure sanity. His body is covered in layer upon layer of old wizard robes, each with a story and each hiding its own secrets.

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