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The Marketplace

The Marketplace is the central square of RhyDin City. It is located on the north bank of the RhyDin River, and West of the Red Dragon Inn. The clock tower in the Marketplace is visible from almost anywhere in the city.

The Marketplace is an open cobble stoned area with a variety of benches, monuments and other permanent fixtures, able to easily hold hundreds of people. It is surrounded by streets and walkways that take you to a number of shops, eating establishments and other businesses. And during most days merchants of all sorts travel from throughout the city and beyond to the Marketplace to set up stands, push wagons and carts, or just throw down a blanket and try and sell their wares.

In the evenings, the open area of the Marketplace is often host to a traveling troupe of actors putting on a play or wandering minstrels or possibly even a band set up to play for a special event.

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The Marketplace
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