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Red Dragon Great Hall

The Red Dragon Great Hall, or RhyDin's Great Hall as it is sometimes known, is a large single-story building located in the center of RhyDin City. It faces the west side of the Marketplace, directly across the town square and clock tower from the Red Dragon Inn on the east side. The Great Hall is usually employed for official functions such as weddings, parties and meetings of all sorts.

A set of wide marble steps on the west end of the hall lead up to the double doors of the Great Hall entrance. Once inside, the visitor is greeted by highly polished hardwood floors and gleaming brass fixtures. The dance floor is immediately inside the wide double doors. A bar along the southern wall provides almost every known beverage in the Known Universe. Near the end of the bar is the door to the kitchen. This kitchen is famous for producing lavish banquets or simple meals.

Large circular tables and chairs for up to 6 diners each occupy the northwestern section of the Hall. A podium which may be used as a speaker's lectern or altar is located in the northeast corner. A raised area along the north wall is suitable for musicians and performers. Long polished tables and benches suitable for both dining and drinking are placed near the center of the hall. Another set of double doors on the western end of the hall lead outside to the neatly maintained gardens.

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