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There are 15 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Khason, Roni.
Red Dragon Inn: Eric Sanders, Katrina King, Kenny Driggs, Miyu Iwasawa, Olivia.
The Back Alley: The Subjugated.
The Marketplace: Clayton R. Sheridan, Katt Batten.
White Lotus Pavilion: Caeda Raloran, Eltrio.
Southern Glen: The Liberated, Volatile Revival.
The Docks: Eunectes Reticulatus.

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Day of Thanks
The announcement went through various media groups: In keeping with the project begun by Race Bannen of Mad Hatter Enterprises, the Day of Thanks celebration will be held during Thanksgiving and the three days following. All citizens are welcome to ...
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The Shanachie Ballet Presents ...
The Red Shoes November 13 - December 2nd Come join us for an evening of dance, romance, and tragedy, as the Shanachie Ballet shares with us the story of a ballerina who joins an established company and becomes the lead dancer in a new ballet called...
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Surprise Party Tonight!
Invites were sent out to anyone and everyone associated to Saila for her surprise Birthday Bash in one way another - no, really. If for any reason your number was in Saila's phone... you were invited. [OOC: While it's tossed out that those assoc...
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Dueling Appreciation Week
In honor of Dueling Appreciation Week, 11/12 through 11/18/2017, Governor Colleen MacLeod-Fenner is offering a purse of 3000 silver nobles to the duelist in each sport with the most wins and 1000 to the duelist has the most duels during this time. W...
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Bell-Tale Heart
These have been nailed up all over the town. In any place with a flat surface. Most owners pull them down but there is enough around the Inn itself and other areas of town that one can be easily acquired. (If anyone has information or wants to ...
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