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Nominate the Queen of May in 2017
IT IS TIME TO NOMINATE RHYDIN’S MAY QUEEN The lovely Alystrianna D'Vaustaival, Queen of May in 2009, will be running the proceedings this year. Nominations are due by April 7, 2017. Place your choice in the box below! ((Please submit your...
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New Radio Show: Too Blue!
Posters have gone up around town advertising KLIT-AM 900 Radio's newest show: Too Blue! Tune in every Thursday morning at 10am to hear Sapphire and Jewell talk about life, the universe, and which duelist they're currently drooling over!
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An Eggsistential Crisis
They were spread intermittently throughout the city. This one in particular was just outside Teas N Tomes. Large, colorful eggs beautifully decorated and nestled snugly in a tightly woven basket stuffed with sweet smelling grass. At the foot of th...
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The Easter Bunny's New Clothes!
Hey all you spring time lovers out there! Yours Truly, the Easter Bunny, is having an existential crisis of the closet! So come on over and give me a hand choosing the perfect outfit to hand out baskets of love in! And while you're at it, drop m...
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Children's Day 2017
An advertisement ran in local papers, radio, and television: Save the dates! Children's Day Events will be held in the second week of April. More details available at Harker's Academy.
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