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There are 9 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): David Harada.
The Back Alley: Martyr.
Southern Glen: Andrew Kirostian, Anikka Bauer, Gerald Page, Junichi Johnny Matsumae, Moneypenny, Tamame Mizutani, Yuko.

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Killer Bees in the Marketplace? One Dead After Attack
Late Friday evening, Wildcliff Cones and Scones found itself under siege by a swarm of angry bees. The open air booth was declared a total loss after the massive cloud dispersed and boothkeeper, Aed Wildcliff of Dragon's Gate, was pronounced dead at ...
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Monday Night! Sadie & Krugerís Hot Mess Extravaganza
All aboard the Hot Mess Express! In honor of both of their recent birthdays, on Monday, August 29th Sadie & Kruger will be hosting a very messy birthday Fight Night to remember (or maybe forget, depending on how much you drink), so come on down...
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Yule in August! Snowball dueling!
Winter's come to Twilight Isle and there's fun to be had. Gift giving, snowball fighting, and enough booze and lava cake to leave you and your clothes a mess. Magic not your thing? Can't sling a spell? Don't worry, because anyone can sling a snowball...
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Endless Notes by ~Heart Notes Parfumerie~
Elessaria Devabriel, the Proprietress of ~Heart Notes~ Parfumerie, is proud to announce the latest addition to her line of products. Endless Notes was created to help extend the life of any fragrance you choose to wear-- even those not crafted by ...
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Fine dining in the Old RDI
Fine food in the Red Dragon Inn! Yep. Your Red Dragon Inn wants you, Chef. Cook. BBQ expert. Do your favorite menu for the Folks at the Red Dragon Inn One opening left on Tuesday, August 30, 2016; during the hours from 9p-11p during a hosted sh...
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