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There are 19 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): DUEL Anvil, Sard.
Red Dragon Inn: Icer1978, Izumi Takamine, Kincaid, Luciana Trevisano, Millicent Grim, PC, Renna Of The Dark, Ryled Up, Sinon Lagos, Sira, Tilki, Tone Deaf.
Teas'n Tomes: Goshen, The Bird of Hermes.
White Lotus Pavilion: Taladia Lilith, Zack Alcar.
The Docks: Spectre.

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Discussion on Assistance for the Undead
Any citizen interested in contributing their ideas regarding assisting the undead, particularly those that are self aware, is invited to contact the Governorís Office. There will be an open discussions held with Mr. Nick Cross and Jesse will be servi...
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Dino Party invitation
You're Invited to Nikolai Allen's fifth birthday party! (IC post thread found,here.)
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The Iron Fists League is Back!
After a one year hiatus, the Iron Fists League has returned. Complete with a newly renovated IFL Garden arena, the league is re-opened for business and looking for prospective teams to fill out the schedule. Fighters of all levels are encouraged to...
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The Shanachie Theater presents ...
The Gondoliers Gilbert & Sullivan 16th to 28th October, 2017 The Shanachie Theater Company is back with a rousing production of one of Gilbert & Sullivan's best! Join the cast as they work their way through the confusing layers of disguise,...
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Fright Night Comes Closer
When: Oct. 27th Time: 7pm (ET) - until ..who said you would be leaving? Mwhahha! How to get there: Just ask the Ferryman As promised a little taste of what is to come. This year will start off when you follow the lanterns to where the Ferrym...
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