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Reminder: Meet Your New Best Friend, Tonight!
Don't forget to come find your new forever friend at Pet Adoption Day tonight, Saturday, January 14, at 9 ET in the RDI Annex! You can find all of the details, and some newly-announced featured friends, here!
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Safe Havens Declared
An address by Caroline Granger, CEO of GrangerGuild Conglomerate, has been printed in many newspapers and magazines, as well as broadcast on radio and television. I am calling on community leaders and business owners in Rhy'Din City and the surroun...
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Hangman Distillery Opens January 28th!
Flyers through the city went up advertising the upcoming opening of a new distillery and taproom on the north side of Old Temple. Hangman Distillery will open its doors on Saturday, January 28th with a grand opening party, open to the public. (...
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Travel Advisory By Lupinossai Foreign Affairs
Sent out by news paper, posted in all travel and business centers and broadcasted on radio stations was a statement from the Foreign Affairs Branch of Den City. Speaking was Fleetian Wolf, Foreign Affairs Diplomat. *The Following Is An Official Trav...
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Non-Humans Not Wanted
“Non-Humans Not Wanted” signs have been going up in the windows of many businesses throughout the city. Many of these businesses have also installed security measures against non-humans who try to enter their stores for “protection”. ((Related to th...
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