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The World According to Maggie
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Mairead Harker
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

14 Oct 2018

The camera panned over the grounds of the botanical garden. Leaves of various colors had begun to fall from the trees. Several Collie dogs and children were romping about while several adults set up a picnic supper. As the camera fell on them, people waved.

So, Channel KIDS viewers, here we are at the Rhydin Botanical Garden. I think it's the prettiest building Da has ever worked on. There's a nip in the air or as my Gran says, "It's brisk." It's warm enough for a picnic today, so, a bunch of us are out here to enjoy it and the sunset before the first snow falls.

Colleen and Alinar are out here playing in the leaves with all the dogs. Diamond is here, too, but she's enjoying a sunny perch in one of the trees. That kitty's not fooling me with that one eye cracked open thing. She's watching over my little cousins like she always does. She leaves the running after them to Aunt Rhi, Uncle Gory, and Riddle II. I've seen her dive down and chase critters away from the kids. What she does after the beasties are away from the kids, I don't know, but I expect she has a tasty snack. Some day, I might just ask her. I'm almost fluent in Cat, but as Aunt Ariana pointed out, there are a lot of dialects just like with people.

Excited laughter came from across the way and the camera panned to find Brian Tur Gairdin using his parents' hands and arms for a swing. Maggie laughed, too.

Hey, that looks like fun! Brian's always a happy kid. Even he when started to get teeth, he wasn't grumpy! He might be walking by Winterfest; I hope he doesn't try to climb the tree! Rick did that, we have the pictures to prove it!

A sizzling sound came from one of the built in grills in the picnic grove.
You know what that sound is? It's hamburgers being cooked with Da's own seasoning recipe.

So, from the World According to Maggie, I wish you a Merry Samhain, Happy Halloween, and a terrifying Fright Night! For the adults in the audience, Mid-Autumn Festival celebration is called the Golden Gala bring held at the Golden Quay. Meanwhile, I'll be on stage with the Shanachie Theater Company until the twentieth of October in Six Characters in Search of an Author!
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