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There are 18 people in Live Role-Play:
Red Dragon Inn: Antonia Salvato, Benjamin Piers, Burning Snow, Dimensional, Emerson, Fiche Tri, FinMack, Helix, Jack Scot, Jochin Nagadari, Joe Mason, La Rafaelo, Luki Qyneishal, Mesteno, Thorongil.
The Marketplace: A Screaming Hearts Pain, Kenshin.
Southern Glen: WinterAngel.

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Reminder: Iron Fists Parade & Rally This Weekend!
Iron Fists Parade & Rally Parade Date: Sunday, 26 October 2014 Time: 5:00pm EST Location: Starting at the Outback and ending at the Iron Fists Garden Come out and watch the parade along any part of the route! Rally Date: Sunday, 26 October ...
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Congratulations to the New Governor
Congratulations to the 2014 Rhydin Governor Ebon Ilnaren! See the results of the elections *here*. OOC: A huge thanks to all ten 2014 Rhy’Din Gubernatorial Election candidates! Without you, the elections would not have been possible. A big thank...
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The Shanachie Theater Presents ...
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! 20th Oct - 1st Nov 2014 My, my, how can you resist us? Fingers crossed that no one ends up with a broken leg in this fun-filled production! Featuring the all new cast of the Shanachie Theater Company, Mamma Mia! is guar...
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One Last Commercial! Masked Monster Pancake Avalanches!?
A final video spot aired on various screens of various types all throughout Rhy'din on the evening of the middle of the election weekend, in which it was revealed that at least thirteen people had been buried alive in piles of pancakes in the Marketp...
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2014 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
The districts have been divided! Cast your vote for the 2014 Governor this weekend! Ebon Ilnaren ~ Skid (Necromesh) ~ G’nort Dragoon-Talanador (G). Polls open now and close on Sunday, October 19th. Vote *HERE!* OOC: Check out the election c...
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