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Will You Be the Queen of May?
Shortly after the initial announcement regarding this year’s Beltane celebration, posters with locked ballot boxes have shown up scattered throughout the city: May Queen Round about, round about In a fair ring-a, Thus we dance, thus we dance...
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Beltane 2015 Dates
Posters were up all over town today: Mark your calendars for Beltane 2015: May 2nd-9th. ((A lot more details forthcoming!))
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In Reverence of Rubber Chickens
Twas late in the evening, or early in the morn that Lorent did so quietly stalk into the inn. All was quiet within save the crackle of the hearth, not a soul did stir the commons, not even the slorping stew. The man had been busy, away, and about sti...
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It's a Gem of a Shower!
On Tuesday March 31st, join us in celebrating the imminent arrival of the newest member of Gem's (everyone's favorite elven ...handler of goods). A babyshower has been planned to celebrate the soon-to-be birth of Gem's daughter. Invitations are n...
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Easter Is On Its Way!
Celebrate the season with beautiful Easter Lilies! Lilium longiflorum are a traditional springtime decoration with a wonderful fragrance. For many, the large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope, and life. Eac...
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