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There are 24 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Cianan, Ciemny Panna, Gabriel Blaize, Katja Morozova, Valentine Song.
Red Dragon Inn: Andu Kirost, Basic Instinct, Boerath, Emerson, Huntress, Icer1978, Myrlene Wolf-Spiritor, naevein, The Ocean.
Teas'n Tomes: Riya.
The Arena: Crispin, Delahada, Drifter, DUEL Cane, Izumi Takamine, JewellRavenlock, Lirssa Sarengrave, Luna Eva, The Spider.

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West End Prostitution Ring Broken
Rhydin Post West End Prostitution Ring Broken Press Release: Three men were apprehended early this morning in the West End by the Watch with the help of Isuelt DeRomiano of the Scathachian Order. Raleigh Fareeshel, Stelv’uan “Gus” Mareone, and Qui...
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Careful of what you wish for!
Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. Everyone is aware of this classic nursery rhyme. Some still play by the rules and use it as a game. A small bit of faith in the magic ...
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Club ERB: Now Seeking Employees for Rhy'dins Hottest Club
A white Unicorn pony with a blue-and-cyan mane and awesome purple shades was seen at the Beltane Street Festival. Most people probably paid her no mind, given the unfortunate reputation her kind had received in this city. However, Vinyl wasn't ther...
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Matilda's Bloomers May Seminar
Learn how to add great color, interest, and ultimately, curb appeal to your home’s exterior via window boxes! This seminar will teach you the basics regarding selecting the best seasonal products that are perfect for your space, plus tips for designi...
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Von Trapps Needed!
Are you a child who can sing and dance? Do you have a child who can sing and dance? Would you like to make the hills come alive with The Sound of Music? The Shanachie needs you! ((Details can be found here. Child PCs and NPCs welcome!))
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