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There are 13 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Ahni, Cianan, Claire Farron, Corlanthis Wystansayr, Jessica Lucino, Lesinda, Mesteno, Noah Bird, Saphire and Steel.
Red Dragon Inn: Billie Barlow, Katt Batten, Levi Clark, Mai Silverblood.

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Twilight Isle Grand Reopening Tonight! EF Gems for Everyone!
After nearly three months out of commission, Twilight Isle's portal has been reopened and the Isle deemed safe for use once more. To make up for lost time, all visitors to the Isle this evening will receive a free Elemental Fury gem! If that's not en...
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Town Hall Meeting postponed!
Due to unexpected illness, the Governor will be unable to host the scheduled Town Hall meeting tonight. He apologizes to all who planned to attend, and will reconvene the meeting next Wednesday, 9/2, at the normal time of 9pm. ((I'm sorry, everyo...
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Town Hall Meeting - Thursday!
The following notice was posted in public areas across the city: "Rhy'din Town Hall Meeting - Thursday 8/27 at 8pm Rhy'din Time Yes, it's an hour earlier than normal, because why not? Come join the Governor at the Town Hall for planning the e...
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Remembrance Day - This Wednesday!
The Wall of Memories is nearing completion in the Town Hall Plaza, and all who call or once called Rhy'din "home" (or even frequent visitors) are invited to contribute pictures, stories, or mementos of friends and dear ones now lost to time...
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Dockside Daggers & Drinks
Mark your calendars! Saturday, September 12th there will be the Dockside Daggers & Drinks party at the baronial manner in Dockside. More details forthcoming!
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