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There are 18 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Serah Farron, Xenograg.
Red Dragon Inn: All the Wubz, Antonia Salvato, Cianan, Icer1978, Katz Girls, maison kitsune, NorseLady, Reiko Souma, Sira, Taneth, Uncle Andu.
The Annex: DUEL Sandy, Elodie Echo, Liam.
Twilight Island: Charles Blackstone, Gentle Repose.

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2016 Valentine's Ball - this Friday!
Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and that means it's time to have ourselves a ball! That's right, the 2016 Valentine's Ball is fast approaching! Friday, February 12 at 9pm Rhydin Time in the Great Hall. There'll be dancing and drinks and f...
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Rhy'Din Nights: The Soundtrack
Here it is at last! The official complete soundtrack to the upcoming big screen adaptation of Michael Donnelly's Rhy'Din Nights, featuring many of your favorite Rhy'Din musical artists. Now on sale in stores and available for download. Get your copy ...
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Massacre at Garden Party
The Rhy'din Police are investigating what is being called a massacre in downtown Rhy'din at the rooftop garden of the Riviano Corp building. While the full death count has been unable to be determined yet due to the nature of the deceased and the sca...
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Grand Opening of the Redemption River Boat Casino!
Rhydinites of all colors, species, and businesses have been extended invitations to the public opening of the Redemption, a river boat casino leaving nightly from Dockside. The festivities start on Friday and continue through-out the course of the we...
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Radios tuned to WHAM! 101.1FM in marketplace stores, playing on local buses, and sitting on houses’ windowsills, all intermittently played the same commercial for the first two weeks in February: Hello WHAM listeners! It is I, DJ Zazzy Yas, one o...
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