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There are 18 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Kalandra.
Red Dragon Inn: Annabeth Caldwell, Izumi Takamine, Junichi Johnny Matsumae, Leroy J. Reindeer, Sakura Mizutani, Serah Farron, Zynisch Lucis.
Southern Glen: Braz Carter, Canaan, Eight Hundred Warlock, FinMack, Hex, Keirra Owens, KhaoticBliss, Kitra Voronov, Madison Rye, Tag Sentry.

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Fires of Beltane 2016
Reminder: The Fires of Beltane is on Sunday! Come see the May Queen crowned! In addition, the Beltane Open Air Festival is taking place all week starting Sunday morning. ((Click here for the Fires of Beltane event thread. To keep track of al...
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One week!
Only one week left until the Carnival Spectacular! Who's ready for Beltane?
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The Falling Garden
In the skies above the Marketplace, there hanged a Garden; held in the air with weaves of energy that registered as both the technological and the arcane, it was filled to bursting with white flowers - Rosa Gigantea. Even in the early spring, the ene...
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The Shanachie Ballet Presents ...
The Shanachie Ballet is proud to present its Second Annual ... Spring Gala 25th April to 15th May Rhy'Din is in for a special treat as the Shanachie Ballet presents their second annual gala, which will feature a mixed repertoire of dances perform...
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Second Quarterly Caller Meet & Greet
TOMORROW! Saturday. April 23, 2016! 9:00 PM RST! Come join me, your illustrious former Governor S. Driscol, for the Second Quarterly Caller Meet & Greet! We're two weeks behind in celebrating the start of the Spring Cycle, but that doesn't mean ...
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