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War of the Water Balloons: Sign Ups! Two Days Left!
There was two days left to sign up for the biggest water balloon fight Rhy'Din has seen! All information regarding the water balloon fight can be found here! Other pool party information can be found here!
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Media Release: Kids of Summer Foundation Gala
On June 12 at 4 pm, Kids of Summer Foundation will host a gala, Journey through the Jungle, to support their ongoing mission. Dinner, dancing, and an extravaganza performance at the RhyDin Imperial Hotel grand ballroom. Seats are 80 silver per, or ...
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Shoe Slam & TRASH Present: The Roadside Tour
Flyers went up overnight to promote the newly announced coheadlining tour featuring Shoe Slam and TRASH. You've heard them on the radio and on the Rhydin Nights Original Movie Soundtrack now experience them live! As Rhydin gets ready for summer, Rhyd...
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Diamond Days: Tacos and Fisticuffs
The final Diamond Days event is upon us next Wednesday! Bring your appetite for blood, guts, and tacos with you to the Outback on Wednesday, May 25th @ 8:00pm EST. All through the evening, street tacos will be served at the bar to competitors and ...
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Vampires Exhibit May 23rd
(base image Bela Lugosi) Small posters were placed in the inn and areas of the marketplace to advertise the upcoming exhibit at the Otherworld Museum. It was free to see the show, though donations were encouraged. (( OOC info-- If you role play a...
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