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A little fun, a little terror, and some shiny stones.
Saturday's Star party was a hit! Literally! Small, marble sized meteorites can be found scattered across the city (and beyond). Oh my! So pretty... and certainly harmless space souvenirs, right? As always, tied to Madness of the skies! Related ...
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5th Annual Koi Show & Auction!
Matilda's Bloomers and the Ichiban Koi Club are proud to announce Rhy'Din's 5th Annual Koi Show & Aucton! Are you looking to purchase your first koi? Maybe you want to add to your collection? Do you need to restock? Whatever the reason we wel...
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The Shanachie Ballet Presents ...
La Sylphide 14th August to 9th September Come join us for a classic tale of romance and tragedy as the Shanachie Ballet presents the story of La Sylphide. ((Details can be found here. Please respect the setting and have fun with it!))
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Star watching party--Saturday 9pm RST in the glen!
Flyers went up all over town remind folks of the upcoming party in the glen. (OOC Edit-- Since I forgot to add this... This is going to be a live event, played in the Southern Glen chat on Saturday August 12th, starting at 9pm RST/EST.)
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A sense of foreboding
Seers across the city are reporting having visions of doom. No one quite seems to know what these visions mean, but one message is consistent: Something is coming. Have a psychic, seer, fortune telling character? They just might be having visions o...
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