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There are 22 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Cianan, Izumi Takamine, Junichi Johnny Matsumae, Katt Batten, Moneypenny, Riku, Sakura Mizutani.
Red Dragon Inn: Edrin Haskell, Moonshadow.
Stars End Bar: - Mink -, -Phoenix-.
Teas'n Tomes: Andu Kirost, Fallen Wolf, Lady Of Squeeks, Noah Bird.
Southern Glen: Blindspot, Mark Low, Pixy, Voodoo Vines.
The Cemetery: Jane Aspar.
Twilight Island: Charles Blackstone, Gentle Repose.

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The Mystery Revealed...
Coming to the Annex this Saturday night: LASER TAG DUELING! Gear up with your friends, grab your laser weapon of choice, and then go head-to-head in an obstacle course designed to keep you on your toes! Run through the steamy jungle, take cover ...
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Duel Like A Mage!
Yes, on Tuesday, June 28th, all those lucky Apprentices, Enchanters, Sorcerers and Wizards can have the powers of a Mage for one night! Use Immolation or Nether Ray like a pro! And to even things out, Mages and Mage Emereti will be fighting like App...
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One Thousand and One Nights
The Starlight Traveling Theater proudly presents ... One Thousand and One Nights Now playing exclusively at the Shanachie Ampitheater from July 1st to September 1st. Prepare for a dazzling day of wonder as you discover several of the tales spun ...
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The Shanachie Ballet Presents ...
The Little Mermaid A Ballet 27th June to 17th July Join us as the Shanachie Ballet brings to life John Neumeier's adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic story of The Little Mermaid. But be forewarned: It's not Disney! ((Details can be fou...
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The Sinners' Soirée!
The Sinners' Soirée! The historic, semi-derelict Gilded Lily Estate opens for the first time ever to the public in order to sponsor a lavish party! Anticipate open bars, entertainment, food, and everything in excess. Price of admission? Your fa...
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