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Buy a Beard
The following advertisements went up all over the city this morning: Having trouble meeting ladies? Want to up your dueling prowess? Need a little something something to complete your look? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! BUY A BEARD and look like Aric Del...
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Tuesday Night Party on the Isle!
To celebrate her ascension to Archmage, Lilith is throwing all of Twilight Isle a party on Tuesday evening starting at 9 PM RT (ET). The dueling rings will be open at that time and will stay open until midnight (queue closes at 11:30 PM) but the part...
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Battlefield Park Squire Tournament and Party
Tournament rules, sign up, and setting here! Dress Up (Polyvore) Thread Here!
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Rhy'Din Wedding Faire and Expo
Everyone is cordially invited to come join us at Rhy'Din's First Wedding Faire and Expo! When: Sunday, July 24th Where: Rhy'Din Botanical Gardens & Observatory Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Lunch at Noon, Fashion Show at 2:00 pm) Sponsored by: W...
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TRASH Heads to the Auction Block! Get Your Gear Today!
With the Roadside Tour concluded, the girls from TRASH are putting their gear up for grabs! Head over to the Auction House and place your bids on things like set lists, actual tour gear, shirts, tickets to future shows, and a signed Limited Edition V...
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