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There are 15 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Eris, Izumi Takamine, Jeremy Lincoln, Kaliyah, KhaoticBliss, NorseLady, Rage and Shadow, Sylvanas, Tylamere Byggamore.
Red Dragon Inn: Canaan, Delahada, Kenzi, Patience Required.
Teas'n Tomes: Isaru, Katt Batten.

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Acts of Equality Meeting No 1 - Open to the Public
Flyers were tacked up in every store, tavern and inn that allowed it, tacked to poles and message boards and handed out on street corners to any wanting to take a copy. ~Acts of Equality Meeting~ September 28th, 8PM Rhy'Din Time (Eastern) Open to t...
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Baroness Beauty Presents: The Autumn Collection
Baroness Beauty Presents The Autumn Collection 2016 Aflame 12 Hour Liquid Matte Lipsticks: 3 Limited Edition Flavored Sheer Glosses: High Pigment Shadows: (click to enlarge) Nude Shadows: (click to enlarge) Liners: Nail Polish: (click ...
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Alchemy Lane 'Street Bizarre' - A Night of Festive Spirit!
Come one and all to the celebration of magic and the arcane! Come celebrate and have fun with the hard workers that sell their wares and work their crafts to help make your days better and your own jobs easier! Come on down to the Alchemy Lane 'Stree...
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The Shanachie Celebrates Our Diversity
Flyers go out across the city, starting from the afternoon performance at the Shanachie Theater and spreading out in the hopes of reaching as many people as possible, inviting anyone and everyone to come to a picnic on the Shanachie grounds on Sund...
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The Search for the First Ever Overlord Squire!
The search is on for the first ever Squire to the Overlord! The newly crowned 109th Overlord, Claire Farron, gets the honor of naming the first Overlord Squire in the history of Duel of Swords. Get over to the Arena corkboard today to find out how yo...
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