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There are 9 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Katt Batten, Mesteno.
Red Dragon Inn: Antonia Salvato, Cianan.
Stars End Bar: -Phoenix-.
Teas'n Tomes: Crysinda of Chrysalis, The False Heir.
Southern Glen: Heliana Stormcrow, Tempest Stormbringer.

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IFL Season 4 Registration Is Open!
It's time to kick (or punch) off the 4th season of the Iron Fists League! The Badside Brawlers have won back to back championships and the rest of the league will clamor to take over that top slot! Want to join a team? Want to form a team? No ide...
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A Late Night Endorsement...
"I don't know why you're insisting on this, darling, you know we prefer to buy our polit..." "Mum!" Jackie hissed urgently from behind the camera, "We're live!"
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Posters plastered all over Rhy'din
The following poster has been attached to shop store front windows, lamp posts, abandoned buildings, in news flyers and every other viable flat surface: There is no name or address attached to it, only a name in bold black letters: SINJIN FAI
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The 1st Annual Rhy'Din Marketplace Trunk or Treat!
The Greater Rhy'Din Marketplace Chamber of Commerce is honored to announce that it will be hosting a Trunk or Treat event on Halloween, inside the most wondrous Marketplace! We will have the Marketplace all decked out spooky-like, and businesses thr...
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Final Three 2014 Gubernatorial Candidates
...and the results are in! Congratulations to the final three 2014 Gubernatorial Candidates! Ebon, Skid and G! See the full Primary Results here. Check out the newest I voted! button at auction. Limited quantities available throughout the...
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