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Seas at Unrest
Citizens of Rhy'Din may have noticed increasingly bad weather over the past couple of weeks. Severe thunderstorms bringing heavy rains, multitudes of lightning strikes and even a few tornadoes were spied spinning past the city. As of yet most have ...
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SEEING DOUBLE: Twin Wins and Perilous Barrels at the Arena!
While doing renovations at the Arena, a construction crew broke through a wall and found a long forgotten cellar packed with disused melee weapons, banners and merchandise for athletes long past -- and a small fortune in ale! With no clear owner of...
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The Shanachie Theater presents ...
Cyrano de Bergerac A Comic Tragedy 13th to 25th August 2018 Who hasn't encountered the legend of the brave Cyrano, whose only flaw was the size of his unique nose? Come to the Shanachie, and see the legend come to life, with all the joy and sadness...
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FIGHT NIGHT Special: Four Points Cool Down!
Inspired by the water slide winding its way across town, City Square is hosting the Four Points Cool Down, a water-themed Fight Night to help duelists and spectators alike to beat the heat! The event starts tonight at eight by the eastern clock. T...
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Beat the Heat! Slide the City
With the heat index on the rise and people speculating they are going to melt into puddles soon, one citizen took it upon himself to work with his gnomish assistants in the wee hours of the night to set up a massive water slide! The "slide&q...
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