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There are 16 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Andu Kirost, Awkward, Claire Farron, Cynthiana, Gerard Finnegan, Katt Batten, Valentina.
Red Dragon Inn: A Blind Girl, Horam JakChar, Rosa Egorwrath, Shae Stormchild, Tiarya.
Stars End Bar: -Phoenix-, Fiche Tri.
The Marketplace: Alex Parks, Karras.

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Fashion Week 2015 Schedule FINALLY Issued!
DRAMA AND DELAYS, DELAYS, DELAYS! With the ongoing battle between the old guard and upcoming designers over every slight detail concerning Fashion Week's programming the entire schedule has been pushed back by a week. Keeping our manicured fingers ...
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Fire in Old Market
At 5:31 pm, 5 March 2015, fire was reported in the northwest area of Old Market. When the units arrived, they found a significant fire burning over multiple businesses. At 5:39 pm, a second alarm was called in. By the time firefighters contained the...
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Mad as a Hatter Event
"You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are." --Alice from Alice in Wonderland That's right, you're all mad! What better way to celebrate the upcoming Madness Tournament than for all of us to let our &quo...
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There's only TWELVE open slots left! So if anyone else out there wants to give it a try in the best fighting tournament of the year, now is your chance to register here! Hurry and join while there is some time left! You may have a chance to beat u...
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Riot contained at Tower of Gulshan
Rioting broke out last night at the Tower of Gulshan, a prison known for holding dangerous magic users. The prison is where members of the Fae Dynasty arrested for their involvement in recent gang violence are currently held; local Watch officials an...
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