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Just Twelve Days Left!
Just Twelve Days to set up your boothes for Booze Fest 2015! Once again the Botanical Gardens will be the site for our Festival! Drop by the White Stag's portable bar, pick up some raspberry or pear wine from The Brambles. Try your luck at th...
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Sign up for the Megacast TODAY!
Only a week left to sign up for the blast-tastic Megacast! The fun takes place at 9pm by the Eastern Clock in the Marketplace! (RDI) Sign up here!
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The Shanachie Theater Presents ...
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare 27th July to 8th August 2015 Come to the Shanachie, we have it all. Shakespeare's Dream has come to the stage in an explosion of enthusiastic madness guaranteed to leave you with a smile. Magic! Mayhem!...
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Gallery Grand Opening Party!
Lucy Mitford is pleased to invite you to a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of PUBLIC: An Art Gallery, this Saturday night! Invitations are being widely circulated in town and you can find complete information about the event here. ((This ...
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Booze Fest 2015
Flyers recently began being tacked up in high traffic, high visibility areas throughout town. "Booze Fest 2015! Do you like Booze? Do you sell/make/age/finish/distill Booze? Do you sell Booze related merchandise of any sort? Do you like ...
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