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Fathers' Day Picnic!
Sunday, 17 June between noon and 6 pm, there will a picnic at the grounds of the Rhydin Botanical Garden in honor of all fathers in Rhydin. In case of inclement weather, the picnic will be moved into the cafe in the ground level of the observatory. ...
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Trivia Night at the Golden Perch!
Tonight at nine by the eastern clock, the Golden Perch in Dragon’s Gate is hosting Trivia Night! The gnomish technomages of the Clockwork Collective have attuned the bar’s mechanical parakeet to transmit a carefully vetted list of questions about...
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The Shanachie Theater presents ...
The Rocky Horror Show Horror Comedy Stage Musical 11th to 23rd June 2018 The phenomenon that is Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show is back! Opening on Earth in 1973, this musical is a rambunctious display of horrific ribaldry and hilarity, much lo...
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Foam Party and Fight Night at City Square!
City Square spent all week preparing to host an outdoor dueling event, but was sabotaged at the last minute by a viral marketing campaign! The temporary fountains alternating with dueling rings in the roundabout have been filled with Everlasting™...
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Dream a Little Dream
It’s been ten years... When his master was gone for the weekend, off to visit an old friend of his, Tabaris took his fate into his own hands. “Just need to add the last ingredient and it should be done.” He dropped something that looked very...
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