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There are 7 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Izumi Takamine, Lucy Mitford.
Red Dragon Inn: Alexia Longbow, Andu Kirost, Claire Farron, Lesinda, Shadowlord.

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The Hanging Garden
Sometime during the late evening, an unusual sight appeared in the skies above the market. At a height equal to the tallest buildings in the city, what appeared to be an inverted conical shaped object of building like proportions; the flat part or ...
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Remember, Remember 24.
Local television stations are hacked at 0930 with the following feed. "We gladly interrupt The Real Housewives of WestEnd to bring you the following. 6 years ago today, Hencman 24 died in the line of duty. His sacrifice for the greater evil ...
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The Shanachie Theater Presents ...
Annie The Musical 25th August to 6th September 2014 The Shanachie Theater is proud to present Annie, starring Rhy'Din's very own miniature duelling prodigy, Mairead Harker! With lively music and endearing sincerity oozing fom every second of the ac...
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Tomorrow! Archmage Tournament & Street Festival
With support from the Marketplace Chamber of Commerce and the Baronesses of Old Market and Old Temple, Rhiannon Harker and Claire Caelum, Twilight Isle is bringing magic to the marketplace on Sunday, August 24th for the August Archmage Tournament! Fe...
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Jello Wrestling DC/Marvel heroes vs villains!
Who is your favorite hero? Who is your favorite villain? Which two did you want to see duke it out but the comic book writers never did? Well now's your chance! Today on Saturday August 23rd at 4:00PM EDT until whenever at Delver's Hall come see ...
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