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((The Lobby)): Lita Hernandez, Rage and Shadow.
Red Dragon Inn: Aylin.
Twilight Island: A Screaming Hearts Pain, riven spirit.

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Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?
In the back alley behind the Red Dragon Inn sits a dashing snowman outfitted in a green be-sequined bowler hat, a Halloween-themed necktie, a tartan-patterned scarf, and a black trench coat. He's got the traditional carrot nose and coal bit eyes; no ...
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Children's Charity Brawl!
Sunday November 30th the Outback will be hosting the Children's Charity Brawl! It is set to kick off at 9PM Est and all are welcome to attend! Participation requires at least one toy donation! ((click here for more info!))
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Reminder - Town Hall Meeting
A short notice appears on postboards and in shop windows all around town. Town Hall Meetings - All Invited! When: Thursday, 11/20 at 9pm RST (Eastern) Where: Rhy'din Town Hall ((Red Dragons' Great Hall chatroom)) Items on the agenda will include p...
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The Shanachie Classical Ballet Presents...
The Sleeping Beauty A Ballet by Tchaikovsky/Petipa November 17th - December 6th Come join us for a retelling of the classic fairy tale created for the ballet and performed by the Shanachie Classical Ballet Troupe. It's sure to be a family favorite...
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Rhy'Din Movie Premiere: Fifty Shades Freed
The flyers have been handed out and the posters have been plastered on the walls. Word of mouth has been making its way around town, and finally, the moment is almost here! At 7:30 PM, on Friday, November 21, 21014, Rhy'Din will get its first look ...
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