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((The Lobby)): Claire Farron, Constant Smile, Emerson, G, Izumi Takamine, Katt Batten, Mad Knight, Mesteno, Nigel Alder, Sulissurn, The Redneck, Vee.
White Lotus Pavilion: NorseLady, Rage and Shadow.
The Arena: Kendra DeLaVega.

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A Violent Death
The Watch arrived at the entry into the establishment of Bristle Crios to discover the violent outburst of a suspicious person wearing a bike helmet attempting to trespass into the grounds, that was reported by concerned civilians. The woman was eas...
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Fire Prevention Week
Posters and advertisements go up all over Rhy'Din announcing ... Fire Prevention Week in Rhy'Din October 11th - October 17th More info coming soon! ((Watch this thread for more info.))
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Response to Marketplace Violence
Most people had no idea who or how old Maggie was. She tacked up the following notice in various places in the Marketplace including the corkboard in front of the Cardinal Inn: To the Citizens of the Old Market District, For some time, the Marketpl...
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A body was found tonight pinned to a wall in the Marketplace with a simple note attached to it, addressed to Ebon Ilnaren. The note had its words. But it also had an image. A bloodied hand. I am there. Two nights from now, you will be fair. Ton...
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Heed the Call of Fall~ Samhain 2015
Can you hear it? Feel it, even? The wind calls to those caught out in its chilly autumn grasp... Samhain. It starts as a murmur, like any great lure does. It promises the crackle of a great fire and a belly well filled with hearty food and good d...
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