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Second energy discharge near RhyDin cemetery
At approximately eleven fifteen this evening, by the Eastern clock, a massive amount of energy was discharged at the site of an earlier power surge. According to reports, officers of the Watch were on the scene, and Sergeant Strumps of the Occidian P...
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Rhy'Din Pet Contest!
Fliers were posted everywhere around Rhy'Din announcing a pet contest in large crayon scribbled letters. The back of each flier read: Think you have the coolest pet around? Now is your chance to prove it! Submit a photo of your pet to the address e...
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Talon Tournament -- Casino Royale Style
And so the plastering of flyers continued as the first of the DoS February events was being announced! Thanks again to the player of Hope for assisting!
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Statement from the Governor
RhyDin’s Quick News Monday, 26 January 2015 Headline: Governor's Office Responds to Gang Violence Earlier today, Governor Ilnaren made a brief statement in response to Saturday evening's outbreak of violence in the Old Market district, condemning bo...
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Duel of Swords Presents: Fantastic February
Flyers were being put up on nearly every available surface around RhyDin. ((Event threads coming soon. Thank you to the player of Hope for creating the flyers for this!
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