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There are 9 people in Live Role-Play:
((The Lobby)): Basic Instinct, Claire Farron, Constant Smile, The Avatar of Eternity, Zev Zayveon.
Teas'n Tomes: Silphion, Zuli Ki-yin.
Southern Glen: Aaron Joel, Moonlit Akira.

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Jul Card Delivery!
Anyone who has a cubby at the Red Dragon Inn will probably find a Jul card stuffed in it (whether they know Shy and Victor, or not). Why? Because those cubbyholes are there, and she enjoys giving cards! (Ja, she also sent the above card to 'fami...
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Introducing Skin Silks! By ~Heart Notes~ Parfumerie
SKIN SILKS by ~Heart Notes~ Introducing the new, proprietary skin care line created by Elessaria Devabriel to address a range of skin care needs—Skin Silks! Parfumeuse and Owner of Heart Notes Parfumerie, Elessaria , has shared her experience as a...
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DOF and DOM in the SEB Tonight!
It's Back! Duel Night at the Stars End Bar is Weds., Dec. 10th from 8 -11. Fists? Magic? Adorable bartenders? You can have it all tonight! HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Bring a canned good or other non-perishable food item for the Stars End Port Authority Food ...
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Secret Santa Reminder
Hello Everyone! Silverbells here! Well Secret Santa is well under way! If you haven't done so yet make sure to check your message box to see who your giftee is! And check out the gifts that have been left for you by your secret santa! Secret Sa...
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Bad Santa's "Nicely Naughty" Ball!
Come out and join the mischevious elves at Club Ampersand this Friday Night for our 2nd Annual Bad Santa's Nicely Naughty Ball! Live DJ Plex Girls tending the bar
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