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Volume 1 • Issue 3 • Page 6RhyDin - August 2006

46th Diamond Quest!


The 46th Diamond Quest took place at the temporary home of the Duel of Fists over in the Battlefield Park district of town on July 23, 2006. A field of 8 hopefuls stepped into rings including the current Diamond, Matt Simon, officiated by Del and Kalianna.

The fighting was amazing and brutal as always when such a prize is up for grabs folks! As with all Diamond Quests there was a top bracket and a bottom bracket with Emeralds and Opals all eligible to compete for this most prestigious of all status in Fists.

Those willing to put their bodies on the line this go around were Art, Khel, Face, Xerzes, Rakeesh, Koy, Cory and Matt.

Face and Cory both found themselves eliminated in the second round with Kheldar and Artemus following in the third. The fourth round Rakeesh was gone and round five saw the exit of the only female to enter this one, Koy.

This paved the way for face off between the current Diamond Matt and Xerzes who like the challenger Matt in the last Diamond Quest had not yet been defeated when he came face to face with current Diamond.

Unlike the last Quest however Matt held out against Xerzes in two straight duels to retain the title of Diamond in back to back Diamond Quests which is a rarity to have someone win two in a row except if you are talking about Matt Simon himself!

Anjolie Quinn Challenges for Battlefield Park!

July 19, 2006

Anjolie Quinn

Overlord Damien Mortis awarded his grant this cycle to Anjolie Quinn who took the opportunity to challenge the Baron of Battlefield Park E (Silent) for the stated reason that she wanted the land that comes with this barony.

Baron E (Silent) dueled under no colors with no second and no lady of honor while Anjolie dueled under a flag the color of sunset with a black outline of a stallion and golden edges. Her second was Johanathon "Cory" Havoick and lady of honor was her daughter, Kallie Elyssia Quinn, in absentia. The official for this challenge was the incomparable Rissa.

Things started out not looking so well for the Baron even though this duel started out slowly as the Challenger took the first in this best two of three format 5 - 3.

According to the records the second duel started off even slower as they meet low and proceeded from there until at last the Baron claimed this one by scoring three straight points to end it 5 - 2.5.

I'm sure that everyone that was able to attend were on the edges of their seats when the third duel of this challenge match began as it seems obvious from the records that these two were fairly evenly matched!

Rissa reports that they did not disappoint as for the first three rounds neither managed to score but at last the Baron did draw first blood and in this final deciding duel kept the lead throughout to keep his ring and win the challenge by a score of 5 - 3.

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Dizzy Flores Challenges for Pathfinder!

July 5, 2006

Dizzy Flores challenged Harris D'Artainian for his Opal, Pathfinder. In a best 2 of 3 format things were fast! They were furious! They were brutal! They even got a bit wild folks!

Everyone's favorite dragon/elven official, Pslyder himself officiated this challenge and did an awesome job of keeping up with the action in the ring as these two duelists went at it fists and feet flying as they sought this Opal that has seen the most challenges in recent weeks.

The current holder of Pathfinder entered to the tune of "Bad to the Bone" and there went the lights. The place was shrouded in darkness except for the strobes and laser lights that were bouncing refractions off the huge disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

In the first duel they traded punches and kicks like none's business. First one had the lead then the other. It seemed neither could hold onto it for long. Until

finally Harris got something going and just kept right on to take the first 5 - 3.

The second saw the lights coming back on and both going defensive to begin with which landed each in a better position for the next round. They both took full advantage of those positions by hauling off and punching each other and it was on again!

Pathfinder came into play allowing Harris to pass right through Dizzy landing a mule kick to her unprotected back for another point giving him the lead a couple rounds later. Then it was back to mutual beatings and they were tied up again soon after!

It was obvious that this woman was not going down without one heck of a fight but then Dizzy never would. Harris had his hands full but the self proclaimed "Prince of Pugilism" or otherwise named by Cory "Blue Tiki-Torch" proved to be up to the challenge this night as he held onto the Opal by taking the second 5 - 4 in a sudden death that ended with Dizzy trying to make Harris flinch and him not falling for it!

Challenge for the Tower of Earth!


Artemus Kurgen posted his challenge to Kelanthe Skelicia the Keeper of the Tower of Earth on June 28, 2006. She responded accepting the challenge the very next day. It was validated and set to proceed on July 7 of this same year.

After much rescheduling on the part of the challenger, according one note on the cork board, the Bearer of the White Snake had finally had enough and posted a note along with the key to the Tower therefore forfeiting this challenge match leaving Artemus as Keeper of the Tower of Earth in the Duel of Magic without a single spell being cast.

Rumor has it that due to this challenge match ending the way it did the rules of Tower Keeper challenge matches are being looked into by the Supervisors of the Duel of Magic. Never fear for I am checking into these and will keep you informed of any new information as it becomes available faithful readers!

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Custom orders, or off the shelf weaponry available to those with proper ID and resources.

Please see Azjah or Klinton Caer for details and pricing.

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