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Volume 2 • Issue 7 • Page 1RhyDin - August 2007

The Zodiac Returns


After a long silence, The Zodiac re-surfaced on July 16th. Deep in the heart of the West end in an old condemned house, the open door revealed the latest horror of RhyDin.

The entire building was a mass grave. It seems since the Zodiac went underground he has not even considered slowing down and the total body count that we can tell for now is over 100 — perhaps as high as 123, but there are so many random bones that are scattered across the floors of the place. His now cursed and sinister logo is plastered all over the walls, some drawn with blood, others with something else — perhaps some kind of magical material of unknown origin. I felt a faint magical presence at the scene — but it was too weak to trace further.

The house itself was long barren, however pictures police took revealed a very different scene altogether. The house seemed in a constant fog that never lifted. This is the only house picture released to the public, this was a sunny day and there was no fog out side when this picture was taken. Spiritual energy and anger still seem to reside here, who knows what the fate of this house is now.

The house was left for the authorities and the reporters to find, hidden in plain sight. There were no letters, no evidence to identify and capture this monster.

He is so far the worst serial killer I have ever witnessed. He is quickly gaining legend status among the down trodden people of this city.

The Zodiac is active once more.

The night of July 20th began as any other night, according to those brave enough to speak with me. But, there was blood that night, and the hunters found themselves at the unforgiving end of a blade of a true monster — or monsters. The nameless Special Forces members patrolling the streets undercover suddenly and with accuracy became uncovered and mutilated with a terrible vengeance and precision, a viciousness that was tied to either one of two faceless killers.

All names have been withheld. The ones associated with the Special Forces team will know who they used to be, though identifying the bodies has proven difficult due to their unfortunate end.

The first victim was a man no older than twenty-five years old. He was attacked from behind, stabbed directly into his spine, which was completely torn out with great force. This man never had a chance. His body was discovered with the eyes cut out and his own spinal cord wrapped around his neck, hung on a post by magical means. His torso was cut open and his insides were spilt onto the ground in a bloody mess.

The second victim also never had a chance. He was a man about the same age as the first victim. This poor soul tried to run from the monster, but escape was not an option. The man was captured and

had his Achilles Tendons cut with a skill of a professional. The man's back was discovered to have a twisted version of the "Scales of Justice" carved into him, seemingly done before he was killed. The killing blow came when the torso was yet again was sliced open and the large intestine was tied around his neck in a hellish version of the necktie. He was found nailed to a building long since abandoned.

Proving the monster had no preference for gender, the third victim was a woman, from what was left of her. She was killed instantly with a bladed attack from the front. She was skinned after being killed. The skin was found a couple feet away spread out like a sheet for a bed. The charred skeleton was found in a pool of blackened blood mixed with ashes with her arms crossed in a haunting manner.

The fourth victim was a woman on the end of her patrol, heading back to the base. The monster was on a rampage and nobody was safe. This woman was dismembered and bled to death. Screaming was not an option as her vocal cords were cut first. This one experienced the worst amount of torture, oddly enough there was no sign of sexual assault during the attack. Her limbs still have not been recovered, and her mouth was cut to look like a hideous grin as she lay in her own blood.

The fifth victim managed to get a shot off, as bullet holes were found on the scene. This man was older than the first two victims, and must have been somewhat experienced to actually defend himself. This one had not much of a better chance to survive. Seemingly angered at the defense move, this man was immobilized by undetermined means, and his fingers were cut off and shoved down his throat. He choked to death on his own fingers, and his gun was impaled through his body.

The sixth victim was a woman that had her head completely turned around, her neck twisted in a gross fashion that showed the great strength of the killer or killers. This one was laid out and her arms were also crossed after death. This body suffered the least damage — it was left alone.

The seventh and final victim was a man in his mid-twenties. He was nailed to a makeshift cross, a puncture wound in his side made by a sharp object. Around his head was a crown of razor blades, and the Zodiac Logo — the circle with a cross through it — was carved into his chest.

None of the weapons of the Special Forces were found, save for the one that was impaled in the fifth victim.

No note was left or any evidence was found, but everybody knew who did it.

The Zodiac was back in business. Much as I had hoped he — or she — had left RhyDin, the killings have started anew. Lieutenant Gabe Ashloke has ordered his elite squad of Delta warriors, the Omegas, to hunt the killer or killers, adding their experienced eyes to the hunt for this monster. Any new information should be forwarded to the RhyDin Watch, or to The Oracle office.

Outbreak of…Anthrax!?


As July waned into August, a pocket of a strange disease sprouted mostly amongst those frequenting the Red Dragon Inn. Symptoms ranged from nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and fever in the beginning and were often followed by abdominal pain, vomiting of blood, and severe diarrhea. If you are experiencing several of these symptoms please seek medical attention as a doctor from Earth has examined one of the bodies that has died from this strange disease and has identified it as Intestinal Anthrax.

RhyDin's greatest defense against this disease is knowledge! Intestinal Anthrax is said to be caused by the consumption of contaminated meat (or other substance) and is characterized by an acute inflammation of the intestinal tract. There are two other kinds of Anthrax that the public should be aware of: Cutaneous Anthrax (supposedly the most common form which is caused by the bacteria enters a cut or abrasion of the skin, causing a raised itchy bump that eventually turns into a large painless ulcer) and Inhalation Anthrax (caused by inhaling massive amounts of the bacteria and will often result in severe cases of pneumonia after infection of the repertory tract).

The above being stated, everyone should wrap themselves in plastic bubbles (to avoid Cutaneous Anthrax), wear breathing masks (so as not to contract Inhalation Anthrax or spread it if you may already have it) and stop eating food in general!

The suspected cases of Anthrax currently in the city are linked only by the victims' visits to the Red Dragon Inn and the eating of a swirly lollipop. The first known victim of the disease was a spider, who upon eating what many have termed

the "evil lollipop" dropped dead on the floor of the Inn in the early morning hours of July 19th after writing painfully for some moments. Since then, who knows how many have died from the disease being misdiagnosed as a common flu! It is rumored that even The Empress Jewell Ravenlock Kidd has contracted a strain of the disease, although we at The Oracle are unable to disclose such information at this time.

This situation is real and deadly, RhyDin. Inform yourself and than protect yourself or we'll all end up dead!

Orthodonty For Animals

Gavilean Starfare

Millie is showing off the new braces she just got from her visit to RhyDin's first Animal Dentistry office on High Street. She told us that with all the cute dragons in town, she wanted to look her best, adding, "Who knows, I just might get lucky with Tass."

Dockside Charity Raffle Report


The very first Dockside Charity 50/50 Raffle began on June 23rd and ran until July 12th. Overall, all one hundred tickets were sold at two silver crowns a ticket, with the Dockside News Report matching every ticket sale. The winner was announced after a random drawing that took place at the Dockside News offices, and Mister Ryan Stevens took away two hundred silver crowns for winning ticket number 32.

As per suggestions from interested citizens of RhyDin, a poll was taken to see

where the money earned in the Dockside Charity 50/50 Raffle would go. With twenty-two votes cast, eleven were for Governor Helston's dockside clinic, eight were to start a local school for the dockside youth, two were cast towards a food bank, and one vote was cast for an after school program.

The money was sent on behalf of all those who participated to Governor Helston for her project. The following people were ticket holders in the raffle: Cole Hayes, Kacilla Lynn, Carsadi Silentread, Shriss, Vinnie the Bookie, Cassandra, Keir Harding, Audra, Jacq, Umbra, Dr. Brian Fischer, Dr. Elena Dumova, Wolvinator, Kina Kitty, Andren, Tom of the Watch, Sevarenia, Ryan Stevens and Erinalle Dunbridge.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved with the raffle for taking the time and effort to get involved.

The Death (?) of Nicholai Crowley


As the sun was setting on July 6th, a scream was heard from the Glen. Several concerned citizens immediately set out, thinking that the rumors of attacks in the Glen may have started up again. Upon arriving, they were greeted by a rather gruesome scene. A body, or what was left of it, lay in the middle of one of the flowery fields. The body was badly burned, the fine clothes that once covered it, nothing more than ash and charcoal now, blowing softly in the breeze. Nearly incinerated, there was almost nothing left to it, except for the face.

A small murmur arose as those gathered began to have some recognition. The body, the face, was identified as Nicholai Crowley. There was no evidence of what had occurred, nor was there any sign of a battle. Though, eerily, there seemed to be a barely audible keening, sounding almost sad, coming from the nearby cemetery.

The guard quickly arrived and dispersed the growing crowd. An

investigation started, but stopped quickly as there was absolutely nothing to go on. Quietly, as the night broke to dawn, the body was moved and interred into the cemetery, a small nameless marker at the head of the grave.

The night of July 25th was quiet, a light breeze ran gently through the trees. The air was warm with the summer air. It seemed to be another perfect RhyDin evening. But no one was out to feel the air grow suddenly colder. None were present when the dirt covering the little marked grave site suddenly began to split and move. There was no witness to the marked changes taking place in what should have been the most at rest place in all the city. Yet things were most definitely occurring.

No one saw these things. It would be morning before anything was found to be amiss. The caretaker for the graveyard, thinking that grave robbers had struck overnight, reported to the City Guard that a single grave had seemingly been dug up, and its occupant was now missing. There were no tracks, no signs that something had been dragged away. There was, simply, a large hole in the ground where the grave of Nicholai Crowley had been.

Cemetery upheavals have been more common as of late. Perhaps stronger wards and spells about the grounds will keep those buried there resting in peace.

Pirate Ship

Gavilean Starfare

Even with the large influx of pirates into our harbor, no one expected the Great Pirate Duck to arrive in his well disguised ship, The Sitting Duck. Captain Duck arrived inconspicuously last night after preying upon several unsuspecting merchant ships, a pleasure cruiser, and a child in an inner tube.

Recent Lottery Winners

Hedric Sabrehagen - 2880
Amadeus Qudamah - 1150
Nienna Anamane - 9520
Sjira - 2650

There's a lottery drawing every Friday. Buy your tickets early. You might be next!

Oracle Staff

Editor: Amaltea thu-Darelir

Contributing Staff:
Eleanor and Ickybod,
Erinalle deVernon, Gavilean Starfare,
Lyndra, Tera Starfare Wyheree Black

The Oracle is published monthly. The views of our reporters do not necessarily represent the views of The Oracle or the Red Dragon Inn. If you have information to share, contact one of our reporters. If you are interested in becoming a reporter, or wish to advertise with The Oracle, contact the Editor. All rights reserved.

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